Moving Home

I am writing to let you know
That I am moving residence;

You won’t find me here, in the Heart anymore
Yes, I am shifting base.

I am going to the Mind,
I hear it is prime real estate.

It is wide and lairy,
And I can do it up to my taste.

The Heart is warm and it is cosy
But it is costing me too dear to maintain.

I will not sell it, or let it out, whatever the going rate;
It is my own incarnadine trophy
And I shall always keep it safe : perhaps even locked and chained.

It can fall into ruins or flourish
In its own organic way.
I am sure it will be more beautiful with each passing day.

As Emotion — that erstwhile pet of mine
Says he just won’t come with me.

I will leave a few other things behind
So that it doesn’t get too lonely.

When I have looked at it long enough
And felt the goodbye coming,
I will make that uphill walk
Towards the Mind– and cross its bulwarks — they’re beckoning.

So here I am,
I have arrived.

There are too many dark recesses in my Mind
And oh dear, so much of empty space!

All those things they say about living in your Mind
Is all true, no matter which side you’ve been listening to.

Happiness, that promised state is very much here
I’m going there as you read this,
And I met The Devil as I came in
But haven’t seen him since.

I am doing up the furniture
And the fixtures and the lighting.

Since Emotion and Feeling have stayed behind
I am building in their place quite a sturdy book-case.

I’ve had to do a fair bit of dusting
And have opened its fustian windows.

I’ve put cheerful wallpaper
And pictures of meadows.

Emotion wrote to me and he said
That the guards here are cavalier;
He had come visiting
And they laid him by his heels.

“Away on business of the Heart.”
I left such a note to the Mind one day
And came down the arterial road :
It looked redder to me and more beautiful and healthy.

Emotion looked really frail
It took me a while to recognise him.
Feeling said I had mail
From all those who didn’t know or wouldn’t write to the Mind.
They’re stubborn, and for them the Heart will be my only place.

Some have seen me in both places
And found me grey in one and bright in the other.
The first in the Mind and in the Heart, the latter?
They really wouldn’t tell me the order.

So here I am, I have shifted base.
I cannot be in the Heart
But for short escapes.
I will first learn to keep house
By trial and error
In the Mind which is more forgetful of mistakes
And when I have found myself a more experienced farer
(Not fairer in the skin, there the Heart doesn’t discriminate)
I will move into my precious, palatial, hearty estate.

With Feeling and Emotion to live the remaining days
And a wish to share with them a common, cosy grave.


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